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11 Words Adults just can’t spell well







While viewers and contestants of this year’s National Spelling Bee fixated on the fine points of spelling ‘tchotchke’ or the etymology of ‘maculature’ (it’s French, from Latin), perhaps it would be a good time for many of us to lower our sights a little bit and focus on some of the words we use and type every day — and almost always misspell.

Such as, ‘misspell.’

Because while you can reasonably expect to never have to type the word ‘preprandial’, how many times have you second-guessed yourself while spelling out ‘accommodate’? Or ‘maintenance’? These are the kind of words we actually need to know — and the ones that tend to humiliate us on a weekly basis.

So never mind what those 13-year-old future bosses of yours were spelling at the bee. Here are 11 words that many adult screws up, presented for you in standard spelling bee form.

The word is: Occasion

Can you use it in a sentence? Finally, an occasion to address all these words we always stumble on.

Is it o-c-c-a-s-s-i-o-n? // ::buzzer::


The word is: Fiery

Can you use it in a sentence? Tim Duncan is the opposite of fiery.

Is it f-i-r-e-y? // ::ding::


The word is: Embarrassed

Can you use it in a sentence? I was so embarrassed I spelled embarrass wrong, even though it had a red, squiggly line underneath when I typed it in Word.

Is it e-m-b-a-r-a-s-s? // ::horn::


The word is: Restaurant

Can you use it in a sentence? Apparently Mark Zuckerberg didn’t tip very well at that restaurant on his Italian honeymoon.

Is it r-e-s-t-a-r-a-u-n-t? // ::gong::


The word is: Vacuum

Can you use it in a sentence? The next time ESPN airs an offbeat competition will be July 4, when human vacuum Joey Chestnut eats 55 hot dogs.

Is it v-a-c-c-u-m? // ::whoopee cushion sound::


The word is: Loose

Can you use it in a sentence? The owner of a bar says bachelorette parties are no longer welcome to “cut LOOSE” there.

Is it l-o-s-e? // ::squish::


The word is: Daiquiri

Can you use it in a sentence? When at the beach this summer, a real man will order a strawberry daiquiri.

Is it d-a-q-u-i-r-i? // ::airhorn::


The word is: Independent

Can you use it in a sentence? There are lots of independent thoughts out there about how to spell this word and pretty much every one them is wrong.

Is it i-n-d-e-p-e-d-a-n-t? // ::wah-wah-waaahh::


The word is: Recommend

Can you use it in a sentence? I’d recommend this article to whoever made that Romney app.

Is it r-e-c-c-o-m-e-n-d? // ::The Price Is Right loser noise::


The word is: Separate

Can you use it in a sentence? The spelling bee should have a separate contest for the most over-the-top reactions.

Is it s-e-p-e-r-a-t-e? // ::Pac-Man dying sound::


The word is: Misspell

Can you use it in a sentence? Misspell has got to be the very worst word to misspell.

Is it m-i-s-p-e-l-l? // No.

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