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Your Life is YOUR Music — Rock on with Jesus!

Don't think you are a Musician or Talented, I beg to differ.  Even if you don't sing, play an instrument, or even like to hum a few bars, you have music in your soul.  How do I know with 100% confidence?   Your life IS your Music.  When God breathed life in you He empowered you with what is called Free Will where YOU get to determine how that song plays out.  Sure, it may be ended prematurely by Nature or b ...

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Belite WoWs ’em at Sun N Fun

The WoW (Wonder of Wonders) State of the Art Ultralight by Belite Aircraft [image lightbox="yes" align="left"] Sun n Fun.  Lakeland, FL– Representing a prototype for a possible ASTM compliant single seat aircraft, Belite will be showing a state of the art ultralight aircraft at Sun N Fun.  Belite is legally flying this aircraft under FAR Part 103, which allows operation without a medical or pilot’s license ...

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Want to Weigh Less? Eat Chocolate! Says a University Study

Great news for No Negative News readers...eating chocolate is good for you!  That's right...eating chocolate, according to a recent University of California (San Diego) study is good for you! Beatrice Golomb, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego, and colleagues present new findings that may overturn the major objection to regular chocolate ...

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Sun n Fun kicks off tomorrow morning!

N.N. News will be reporting live from the first BIG airshow of the season called Sun n Fun in Lakeland, Florida.  For ticket and more information go to: If you are interested in building your own airplane or seeing the latest and greatest in aviation you don't want to miss this first large Aviation event of 2012....we will see you there! B.K. Kissinger Editor in Chief, N.N. News ...

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Once a Mermaid, Always A Mermaid – Don’t Miss the Mermaids!

Once a Mermaid, Always A Mermaid – Don't Miss the Mermaids! Do you know that there is no such thing as an ex-Marine!?! Don't believe me? Just ask one! Anyway, today I found out that the same goes for Mermaids! At least with the Mermaids of Yesteryear at Weeki Wache, Springs, Florida. Semper Weeki Wache Mermaids! For a 60-something to do back flips underwater, battle snapping turtles while they are gasping f ...

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Statins in the time of heart damage

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Patients who view images of their hearts and see for themselves the buildup of calcium within their artery walls become more compliant about taking their cholesterol-fighting drugs and are more likely to lose weight, researchers sai... ...

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