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Flu Season Tips

As you probably heard, the 2013 flu season is being considered an epidemic. Here are some suggestions from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to reduce the effect of the flu on your family: 1. Take the Flu Vaccine (Editor's note - some hospitals such as Bay Care in Tampa, FL require employees to wear a mask if they do not get the flu vaccine) 2. Take everyday preventative actions to stop the spread of ger ...

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There is ALWAYS Hope if you are still here!!! And MORE Hope after you Depart

  Delete Delete     This thought came to me as I was working in the "back 40" (aka yard) with my ever-present Sharpie at hand (thanks “Tricky” Steve Morley for the tip!) I inked it on my backyard planter made from recycled parts. Most people have had thoughts of suicide and/or near death experiences and ALL of us are still here today because God willed it & YOU had the will to overcome th ...

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