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Bob Dylan is a Nobel Peace Prize Winner for Literature!!! SURPRISE – SURPRISE – SURPRISE!!!

NN News   10-13-2016 In a seemingly surprise decision, American Singer - Songwriter Bob Dylan is chosen as the latest Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his 1,752 word work - or 1,727 more than the 25 words he was only asked to write about the late American Legend Woody Guthrie... For more information please go to the Nobel site at: ...

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Nobel Peace Prize (Chemistry) awarded today! The World’s smallest Machine

NN News 10-5-2016 Today the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today to 3 Chemists for making the "World's Smallest Machine" - also known as "Molecular Machines" - The 3 Chemists are from France, originally the United Kingdom - yet now a professor at Northwestern University, and the final is from The Netherlands.  Their names are: Jean-Pierre Sauvage University of Strasbourg, France Sir J. Fraser Stoddart Northw ...

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