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Part II of II “Physics is Boring” and “Life and Spirituality is AWESOME!!!”

21 September 2018 Not too along ago, during some quiet reflective time, I asked The Universe, God, and everything that is good in our Earthly Experience to allow me to understand Physics, Energy, and Live as Dr Albert Einstein did...if ONLY a little.  I quickly was reminded of the Age Old Adage, "Be careful what U ask for...because U might just get it!" being SO true as EVERY-thing is Energy and our Life as ...

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How to REALLY IMPROVE SELF without Spending $$$

21 Sept 2018   We all want to improve ourselves, right?   Or at least that is what the 11 BILLION U.S. Dollar “Self-Improvement Industry (BIG BUSINESS - according to a 19 Oct 2017 article states)  needs us to think and believe...and some of it is good, yet it IS STILL A BUSINESS...and businesses are motivated by #1 Profit, then whatever else afterwards...   What if I told U, "improving Self" could be d ...

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