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Thank U! Start your Day with Gratitude, Stay Proactive & Happy and SUCCEED!!!

26 October 2018 - Bangkok Thailand Last evening, after practice as Goal Keeper for YOUR Bangkok Wolves (a FIFA-sanctioned Futsal 5-a-side "Pro" Football [Soccer] Team who are scheduled to play in an "International World Championship" in Vietnam in 2019), the question came up how I can be so positive in our negative world.  The answer was easy - #1 I AM GRATEFUL for everything I have, #2 I go with the Flow k ...

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BKK Theory of Happiness

25 October 2018 Bangkok (BKK), Thailand     BKK Theory of Happiness and Ending Personal Suffering (B-THEPS) This is NOT 100% Original - simply my “Version” (kinda like making an American melting pot of Chili to use a goofy analogy) of past philosophers attempts to address the same issue (Happiness and ending [or at least minimizing] Suffering)...   The great minds I derived the "BKK Theory of ...

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UN-Conditional Love – What is it?

24 October 2018 Bangkok (BKK), Thailand   UN-conditional Love is just that "Love" that is GIVEN with NO conditions - just GIVE it... Of course, this type of "Love" is DIFFERENT from an ATTACHMENT to winning A PRIZE that one can take PRIDE (like some Folks try to do with their "Trophy" Spouses).     Of course, we should show Pride in moderation like all things.  Small doses of “Happy Pride” is good ...

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The “BKK-Nietzshe-Twain (BNT) Theory” of There is NO Plagiarism AND The Creator is in U!!!

6 October 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand   This is a Positive commentary about 3 things: 1. There is NO such thing as Plagiarism, 2. Be MORE than your “Selfish Self” and finally,   3.  Believe in Something Good that’s Bigger than U and Eat, Drink, and Stay Happy!!!   To begin, let us look at some "Deductive Reasoning or Logical Thoughts" about Plagiarism: A. All words, phrases, etc have been uttere ...

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