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Kindness is NOT Weakness – When taken advantage of this Truth – Justice will be seen!

8 November 2018 Happy Thursday from Bangkok Thailand... In a continuation of thought on "things" it came to me today about the misunderstanding some, especially those humans who may not be considered enlightened or self-actualized (and I am NOT implying that I am perfect),  seem to have in regards to a person being Kind, or funny, or even living a happy and simple life... From my experience, some less enlig ...

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Der Weg ist Das Ziel (The Way is the Target)

5 November 2018 In the German Language an oft used term for "Enlightened" Folk is "Der Weg its Das Ziel" or in a basic translation "The Way is the Journey (or Target or Goal - depending on your translation version)."    In a Real Sense, this term or motto is similar to one that Confucius (Ancient Chinese Philosopher 551 - 479 BC according to Historical Records) remarked on during his lifetime...  Confu ...

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