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Tips to Keep Thriving – NOT just Surviving!!!

Bangkok 8 Feb 2019 Don't just Survive - THRIVE in Life!!! As a decade plus survivor of a disease (terminal brain cancer) that was statistically to kill me within a few months...maybe a few years at best, it's been a key of mine (and many other long term Survivors - let us call them "Thrivers" of Life) to simply live for the moment, stay as positive as possible, and enjoy the many gifts Life has to offer. Re ...

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Miracle Mushroom Thai Soup

23 January 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand The Magic of Three is evident in many things in our Universe, be it 3 Musketeers, the beginning/middle/end of everything or even the famed 3 Stooges comedy act of old...   We also see this Magic, some may even call it a Cure,┬áin some foods like the Thai 3 Mushroom Soup often eaten by me and many others who desire a health benefit... As a long-term surviving terminal ...

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