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Acer C720 Review – A Short but Sweet by Rich Clark

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7 August 2014

NN News

The NN News Team has been on the Road to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the BIG AirVenture…billed as the LARGEST Airplane gathering in the World.

For more info on that please go to EAA’s website at:

To try to describe “Oshkosh” is like trying to describe a pineapple to an Eskimo (who has never seen or tasted one…maybe).  It’s simply VERY difficult.  Yet if U like airplanes, U need to make your way to OSH at least once in your life on earth…NOT to do it would be sad…period.

My favorite part of OSH14 was #1 the people and #2 the FREE stuff…a LOT of the vendors hand out VERY nice give-aways and bags to fill them up….sorta like Halloween for Aviation Nuts ;>)

Anyway, while away from the “Home Office,”  Rich wrote this short but sweet review of the Acer C720 computer…hope U enjoy it and we will get some things out on OSH14 in the coming weeks.

Be well!


Life Short Fly Now! (Now available on Amazon)

The Acer C720 Chromebook is a lightweight computer, but is not a lightweight when it comes to computing power.  For many who use a computer to correspond with email, do a few web searches, and look at pictures either downloaded or sent via email this system is a good choice.  Then consider the $199.00 price tag, and it becomes even more attractive.  There is no long and complicated setup or long complex codes to type in to get the system up and running.  Simply turn it on, and it is ready to use in about 7 seconds.  You can use it as a guest or sign in to your Google account to enjoy the full abilities of this system.  If you do not have a google account you can create a GMail account or create a Google account using your current email address.

If you have a need for an office suite, the C720 will connect you to Google Docs.  Included with the purchase of the C720 is 100 gigabytes of Google Drive – free for two years.  Since the system has two USB ports – one is 2.0 and the other is 3.0 – you also have the option of connecting an external hard drive or use a thumb drive, giving you the option to save locally.

The system also has an HDMI port for connection to TVs or larger monitors, and a SD card slot.  These two ports, coupled with the two USB ports, open up many configuration possibilities that will make this system more than just a lightweight laptop system.

Out of the box, this system has virus protection and automatic updates.  Because it uses a Haswell chip the little system delivers over eight hours of use if you start with a fully charged battery.

If you are in the market for a computer that will not bankrupt you and is easy to setup and learn, you need to consider the Acer C720.




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