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Back in BKK – Don’t let your Memories outweigh your Pad-See-Ew!

Bangkok, Thailand – 14 March 2018

Well, here I am back reporting from Bangkok (#BKK) and happy to announce that “my memories are NOT outweighing my Pad-see-ew” (and you can quote me on that!).  Just today MANY new memories were made in this wonderful Far East city in that I call my home (for now & before in my life)…

In NO Negative News from Thailand today, it seems Rice Exports are on an All-Time high now and as Thailand’s main export (they are #2 after India) it’s a good thing for the people who participate in this important commodity.

On a side note, I am happy too because rice is needed to make the noodles for my favorite Thai dish: Pad-see-ew.

B.K. Kissinger out from BKK


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