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“The Big 3” – Thankfulness > Happiness > Peace

17 April 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t Worry – Be Happy is a great song to remind us NOT to Worry and enjoy Life.  To break that concept down a little, here’s what I discovered after being back in Thailand for a bit longer:

#1 – “Thankfulness” is the biggest step towards being Happy.

#2 “True Happiness” is an inner quality, one that is a state of mind and only the individual can give themselves.  People in our lives can assist in helping someone else to be Happy, yet it’s truly the individual’s right to be truly Happy.

And lastly, the most important thing we can have in this world is:

#3 “Peace” – Defined in different ways by different people, yet basically is a FREEDOM from all disturbances and a special form of quiet and tranquility.

Peace to you Always!

– BK out

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