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BKK Theory of Happiness

25 October 2018

Bangkok (BKK), Thailand



BKK Theory of Happiness and Ending Personal Suffering (B-THEPS)

This is NOT 100% Original – simply my “Version” (kinda like making an American melting pot of Chili to use a goofy analogy) of past philosophers attempts to address the same issue (Happiness and ending [or at least minimizing] Suffering)…


The great minds I derived the “BKK Theory of Happiness and Ending of Personal Suffering” (B-THEPS) range from The Great Mind of Einstein to Socrates and even “The Buddha.”  Now, some confuse Buddha (both Buddhists and non-Buddhists) with “God” yet he was NOT and was a Simple Teacher (there are MANY in our world).  “The Buddha” (means The Enlightened or Awakened One) and he was born a Nepalese prince (Siddharta Gautauma, had a son [Rāhula] & wife [Yasodharā] all before he was 29 & started his Path of Enlightenment) in 600 BC and lived approximately 97 years according to historic records…


  1. Einstein wrote, in 1922 while touring in Japan after receiving word he received the Nobel Peace Prize, his “Theory of Happiness” – basically (written in German) – that a “Calm and Modest Life is better than one relentlessly pursuing accolades (“Stuff” in my German >>> English translation)” 
  2. Socrates believed that only people with self-knowledge could find true happiness. According to Socrates: – Happiness flows not from physical or external conditions, such as bodily pleasures or wealth and power, but from living a life that’s right for your soul, your deepest good
  3. Personal Suffering, which “The Buddha” seemingly OVER-focused on during his life and now by the mostly BLIND followers of Buddhism (most who don’t read or know their own “Religion,” Faith, or their “Master’s Teachings” [the true reality of Buddhism, yet CONVOLUTED like EVERY other “Religion” and many other things Humans touch with imperfect minds and selfish personal goals]).   So simply remember that “Suffering” (at least in a personal sense) can be conquered by UNconditional Love of 1. Self, 2. Others, 3. Realization (“BKK Enlightenment”) to put Happiness, Health, and Harmony (3 H’s) with the Universe (everything around us) and can be defined, borrowing a scientific term, as “Frequency Harmonics.”  


Bottom-line, we should learn from all “Good things” – shake off and reduce all possible negative (bad energy) things and kinda like Einstein suggests “Keep it Simple and Simply enjoy this process we call Life” (it beats “Death,” as we know it in human form, or wherever we go to start the next phase of “Life” after this realm ends for us and we “Fly West”).



Peace and Love Always!

Brian K Kissinger, a Simple American-Thai Adjahn

Bangkok (BKK) Thailand

25 October 2018

For additional history on Einstein’s “Theory of Happiness” (from his tip note that sold recently for $1.5 Million):


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