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NN News Team enroute to Oshkosh, WI

For the latest coverage from the biggest Airshow in the World, follow the NN News Team from Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the next week. We will be updating our website and Facebook pages throughout the day with the latest and greatest in Aviation news from the grounds at Wittman Regional Airport.   ...

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Supreme Court Decision Out soon on ObamaCare – Ginsburg Hints on Overturn

Supreme Court to release decision soon on Federal Healthcare commonly called ObamaCare. BK Legal Commentary: Later this month, the Supreme Court should make public their decision on whether federal healthcare is legal or not. Some, including Associate Justice Ginsburg, are hinting that it may be struck down. We can only guess at this point, but Justice Ginsburg, at an ACS meeting, is dropping some hints. Th ...

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PING Golf Club are Made in the USA & Helps Wounded Veterans!

      No Negative News ( Is it Fact, Fiction, or Fabrication? This is what I thought when my fellow retired Air Force buddy Cary Heyden sent me an email stating that a War Veteran, Ben Woods, had a new set of Ping clubs with “WOUNDED WAR VETERANS” stitched on the bag. It seems that a Gentleman was playing behind him in Orlando and took notice, but as most REAL Combat Veterans ...

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How to Shrink your Belly and help Wounded Veterans at the same time – Eat Blueberries!

                    NN News: Did you know that Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit? They are very rich in antioxidants like Anthocyanin, Vitamin C, B complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Copper (a very effective immune builder and anti-bacterial), Selenium, Zinc, Iron (promotes immunity by raising haemoglobin and oxygen concentrati ...

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11 Words Adults just can’t spell well

          HLNtv/NNNews: While viewers and contestants of this year's National Spelling Bee fixated on the fine points of spelling 'tchotchke' or the etymology of 'maculature' (it's French, from Latin), perhaps it would be a good time for many of us to lower our sights a little bit and focus on some of the words we use and type every day -- and almost always misspell. Such as, 'missp ...

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VA Continues Long-Term Study on Gulf War Era Veterans — 3rd since 1995

                    WASHINGTON (– For the third time since the 1990-1991 Gulf War, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) researchers will contact Gulf War-era Veterans as a part of a long-term study of their health. For the “Follow-up Study of a National Cohort of Gulf War and Gulf Era Veterans,” researchers want to learn about how the health of ...

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Chuck Colson Dies at 80; Remembered for Dramatic Life & Faith

April 21, 2012  3:56 pm Article courtesy of  Michelle A. Vu , Christian Post Reporter Chuck Colson, who became a born-again Christian amid the Watergate scandal and later became the most prominent advocate for the spiritual transformation of prisoners, died Saturday afternoon, according to Prison Fellowship ministry. He was 80. "Evangelical Christianity lost one of its most eloquent and influential voices t ...

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