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Boston Marathon will be hot & will still go on

The Boston Marathon, probably the World's most famous Marathon is today Monday 16 April.  The race, which began in 1897 and bills itself as the world's oldest annually contested marathon, is typically held in relatively cool weather. The average temperature for an April day in Boston is 47 degrees -- with a usual high of 56 and low typically of 40 degrees -- according to the city and National Weather Servic ...

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October Baby in Theaters — Opens to Rave Reviews — Put it on your Must Watch List for 2012

Want to watch a true, feel-good movie?  Then October Baby is it for 2012.  Also 10% of the movie's profits go to helping women facing crisis pregnancies and caring for orphans. If you love YOUR life you will love THIS movie!  To learn more about the movie and watch a preview go to: Reporting for NN News.  BK ...

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Bullies Beware- You might create another Bieber

NN News (OpEd):  Bullies Suck period.  That should be the end of the story, but it wasn’t for the now famous and once oft-bullied Justin Bieber who turned his bullying experience into a new campaign to help others.  "I was bullied. Most people in their lifetime have been at some point," Bieber said. "I think it's about time that people start making a change." Bieber has been supporting the documentary "Bull ...

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Tim Tebow’s Easter Treat

An Easter Treat Tebow drew a crowd of about 15,000 people to the Easter service of Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas. He spoke about the importance of faith, and being a good role model to kids - two qualities we find extremely attractive in a man.  Most people may agree and this is definitely not negative news! To see his discussion on video go to: Reporting ...

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