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Eat Right & Keep your Brain Healthy – SuperFoodsLife Contribution

1 August 2017 Yesterday we received a nice e-mail from Sarah Anderson at In her email she commented on our previous article "Eat Smart for a Healthier Brain" that provided suggestions for all.  Also, as a website dedicated to "helping you to live your best life- it’s a list and so much more of the healthiest foods you can be eating- good for you, good for the planet and all contrib ...

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University of Florida does it again! This time for Parkinson & not just Gatorade!

[caption id="attachment_37655" align="alignleft" width="220"] University of Florida Research[/caption]             NN News “As the probe moves deeper into the brain, the sound of the cells fills the OR, like static from deep space.” The University of Florida has done it again!!! And it's not just Gatorade this time, it's amazing brain research to help other medical scientists ...

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Keep your Babies Sunny!

NN News         Some places in our World, both outside the States and inside our borders even, they can't afford the equipment to provide the filtered light typically provided in hospitals to newborns in developed countries.  So in Nigeria, they tested an energy that is ALWAYS there.... Sunlight.  There were some interesting results with this inexpensive and safe technique.  See the Jour ...

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Life Short Fly Now Published! ALL proceeds for Charity!

In wonderful news, we signed an exclusive charity book contract with Solstice publishing in June 2014 for the rights to our book "Life Short, Fly Now ™" and it is now available on Amazon as an e-Book at this link: The regular book version is avai ...

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Polio Vaccine helps CURE brain tumor!!!

NN News Duke University released the following GREAT news regarding their novel treatment of brain tumors:       Poliovirus Vaccine Trial Shows Early Promise for Recurrent Glioblastoma By Duke Medicine News and Communications DURHAM, N.C. – An attack on glioblastoma brain tumor cells that uses a modified poliovirus is showing encouraging results in an early study to establish the proper dose ...

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Hello “Doctor Phone!”

3-4-14  Hello “Doctor Phone!” -SmartPhones as Medical Devices NN News BK Kissinger [caption id="attachment_37467" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dr McCoy's Medical Kit[/caption] Maybe even better than Star Trek's Dr McCoy's fictional medical kit is possibly the smartphone, tablet, or iDevice many of us have on our person or nearby us each day. You might even be reading this article on your future "medical d ...

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Read if you are #1 a Veteran, #2 Pay Taxes, or #3 Like to be Free

  April 2012: Hello, are you a Veteran? These were the kind words I heard from Robert Foster as I walked into the Sun n Fun event yesterday (April 2012) to start covering aviation stories for N.N. News. Mr. Foster is a very helpful, kind, and talented man with a passion to help Veterans. The VA would be hard pressed to find a better advocate for Veterans. He appears to have his heart in the right place ...

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Myelin – The Robber of Your Memory!?!

  Myelin – The Robber of Your Memory!?! Have you ever lost your keys, your cell phone, or even misplaced your car and thought you were losing your mind!?! Well maybe it's because you are being robbed of a critical substance called Myelin. The National MS Society describes Myelin as "a substance rich in lipids (fatty substances) and proteins that forms layers around the nerve fibers and acts as insulati ...

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A Key to Happiness – Man’s Best Friend!?!

                    NN News 17 July 2013 A Key to Happiness – Man's Best Friend!?! After spending some time this past week with one of my daughters laughing hysterically at another one of my daughter's new puppy videos I realized (again) that people with dogs, or pets in general, are happier. Yet, could it be proven scientifically? So this afternoon, I inves ...

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