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Kindness is NOT Weakness – When taken advantage of this Truth – Justice will be seen!

8 November 2018 Happy Thursday from Bangkok Thailand... In a continuation of thought on "things" it came to me today about the misunderstanding some, especially those humans who may not be considered enlightened or self-actualized (and I am NOT implying that I am perfect),  seem to have in regards to a person being Kind, or funny, or even living a happy and simple life... From my experience, some less enlig ...

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My iPhone is “Free Land” Man – Just like my Home – Stay Out Big Brother!

NN News 5-2-2016 In a brief Legal Commentary, our first at NN News, we bring up the topic that is hot now in the courts with the United States government working with, then suing Apple Inc (makers of the iPhone, iPad, & other advance technological devices) to be able to "crack" an iPhone Terrorists in recent crimes had on their persons during the crimes.  Apple refused.  In addition, Microsoft sued the ...

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