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Can’t Beat the Beet for being Healthy!

  Delete     (No Negative News – Contributed from Natural News It figures: one of the least tasty vegetables turns out to be among the healthiest - beets. Fortunately, raw beets work well for juicing. Beets mixed with juiced fresh carrots, some apple and some greens thrown in then topped off with a freshly squeezed lemon provides a tasty vegetable juice. Beets lose a lot ...

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Bar Patron’s Toast to Fallen Sailor Goes Viral on Facebook

  Delete       No Negative News. A bar patron's toast to a fallen sailor has become a phenomenon on Facebook.   Delete   On March 28, Hannah Hobbs, a waitress at a Bennigan's restaurant near Borger in the Texas Panhandle, posted a photo of a glass of beer, with a handwritten note from the customer that read:     In memory of Lt. j.g. Francis Toner, USN ...

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NY Times Healthy Recipe – Lasagna with Collard Greens

No Negative News ( Lasagna With Collard Greens By MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN Collard greens are so big and flat that they fill in for a layer of noodles in this easy, satisfying lasagna. When you make lasagna, be careful not to use up your ingredients on the first layers. You should have enough for three layers here. 1/2 pound collard greens, preferably large leaves, stemmed and washed, leaves left ...

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There’s an App for Everything! Wedding App connects guests

    It seems more true everyday that there is an App for Everything.  Now some helpful e-planners have created Apps to help folks plan or manage their weddings. For example, has a wedding app that can assist the beautiful bride by connecting the guests before the big day. Reporting for NN News.  BK ...

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Make the Choice to Rejoice in Life

NN News Commentary- In life we have many choices, in my humble opinion one of the biggest ones we have is to be happy or not. That's right, WE get to decide whether we want to be happy! Not our parents, not our Mate, not anyone else. WE are the deciders in our happiness. This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 Not sure, like me, if you read that correctly the first ...

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Bullies Beware- You might create another Bieber

NN News (OpEd):  Bullies Suck period.  That should be the end of the story, but it wasn’t for the now famous and once oft-bullied Justin Bieber who turned his bullying experience into a new campaign to help others.  "I was bullied. Most people in their lifetime have been at some point," Bieber said. "I think it's about time that people start making a change." Bieber has been supporting the documentary "Bull ...

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Tebow goes deep to the Prisons

Regardless of your personal opinion of Tim Tebow, you have to respect the man's conviction...especially off the football field.  Since his University of Florida days he has fellowshipped with 10 or more prisons to bring the Good News of the Gospel to some of the most down-trodden people on Earth.  The people most others have given up on.  Mr Tebow did this, not for show, at the Lawtey Correctional Instituti ...

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Tim Tebow’s Easter Treat

An Easter Treat Tebow drew a crowd of about 15,000 people to the Easter service of Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas. He spoke about the importance of faith, and being a good role model to kids - two qualities we find extremely attractive in a man.  Most people may agree and this is definitely not negative news! To see his discussion on video go to: Reporting ...

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Once a Mermaid, Always A Mermaid – Don’t Miss the Mermaids!

Once a Mermaid, Always A Mermaid – Don't Miss the Mermaids! Do you know that there is no such thing as an ex-Marine!?! Don't believe me? Just ask one! Anyway, today I found out that the same goes for Mermaids! At least with the Mermaids of Yesteryear at Weeki Wache, Springs, Florida. Semper Weeki Wache Mermaids! For a 60-something to do back flips underwater, battle snapping turtles while they are gasping f ...

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