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The “BKK-Nietzshe-Twain (BNT) Theory” of There is NO Plagiarism AND The Creator is in U!!!

6 October 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand   This is a Positive commentary about 3 things: 1. There is NO such thing as Plagiarism, 2. Be MORE than your “Selfish Self” and finally,   3.  Believe in Something Good that’s Bigger than U and Eat, Drink, and Stay Happy!!!   To begin, let us look at some "Deductive Reasoning or Logical Thoughts" about Plagiarism: A. All words, phrases, etc have been uttere ...

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Corn Pone Opinions – E Pluribus Unum Style

  Corn Pone Opinions – E Pluribus Unum Style   >>> A 21st Century Take on an early 20th Century American Classic - Major Brian K. Kissinger, PhD A Simple American-Thai Adjahn Bangkok, Thailand - 2018   In 1901, Famous American Author Mark Twain wrote a relatively unknown work entitled, “Corn-pone Opinions.” It is my intent in this brief article to simply comment on his work, that I f ...

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2012 No Negative News Network

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