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You can’t beat Beets for Good Health!

12/18/2017   This just in from New Zealand - a reminder on the benefits of Beets for good health.  Back in 2012 we published an article on it and Jesse Miller from the great country of Kiwis and Cricket players picked it up and wanted to add his 2 cents to this beneficial vegetable. Here it is for your reading pleasure: Enjoy and don't forget to eat your Veggies...esp ...

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DON’T EAT ME CANCER – New Stanford Study Finds CD-47

Property of No Negative News ( A new study published by the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that HUMAN tumors transplanted into lab mice shrank or DISAPPEARED altogether when scientists treated the animals with a single antibody. Why is this important?  Because CD-47 is on NORMAL tissues, but also on CANCER tissues.  Stanford showed that, at least in the laboratory, cancer can A ...

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Happiest Places In the US to Work – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Happiest Places In the US to Work – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!    When Forbes asked the folks at Careerbliss to figure out where the happiest young workers were they thought it may be common “Happy-towns” such as Apple, Google, and Facebook with their ping-pong tables, complimentary lunches for employees, and “Name Your Own Title” mentalities. Instead, “Surprise, surprise -- companies like Apple, Google ...

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