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DON’T EAT ME CANCER – New Stanford Study Finds CD-47

Property of No Negative News ( A new study published by the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that HUMAN tumors transplanted into lab mice shrank or DISAPPEARED altogether when scientists treated the animals with a single antibody. Why is this important?  Because CD-47 is on NORMAL tissues, but also on CANCER tissues.  Stanford showed that, at least in the laboratory, cancer can A ...

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Happiest Places In the US to Work – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Happiest Places In the US to Work – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!    When Forbes asked the folks at Careerbliss to figure out where the happiest young workers were they thought it may be common “Happy-towns” such as Apple, Google, and Facebook with their ping-pong tables, complimentary lunches for employees, and “Name Your Own Title” mentalities. Instead, “Surprise, surprise -- companies like Apple, Google ...

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