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The “BKK-Nietzshe-Twain (BNT) Theory” of There is NO Plagiarism AND The Creator is in U!!!

6 October 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand   This is a Positive commentary about 3 things: 1. There is NO such thing as Plagiarism, 2. Be MORE than your “Selfish Self” and finally,   3.  Believe in Something Good that’s Bigger than U and Eat, Drink, and Stay Happy!!!   To begin, let us look at some "Deductive Reasoning or Logical Thoughts" about Plagiarism: A. All words, phrases, etc have been uttere ...

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Part II of II “Physics is Boring” and “Life and Spirituality is AWESOME!!!”

21 September 2018 Not too along ago, during some quiet reflective time, I asked The Universe, God, and everything that is good in our Earthly Experience to allow me to understand Physics, Energy, and Live as Dr Albert Einstein did...if ONLY a little.  I quickly was reminded of the Age Old Adage, "Be careful what U ask for...because U might just get it!" being SO true as EVERY-thing is Energy and our Life as ...

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How to REALLY IMPROVE SELF without Spending $$$

21 Sept 2018   We all want to improve ourselves, right?   Or at least that is what the 11 BILLION U.S. Dollar “Self-Improvement Industry (BIG BUSINESS - according to a 19 Oct 2017 article states)  needs us to think and believe...and some of it is good, yet it IS STILL A BUSINESS...and businesses are motivated by #1 Profit, then whatever else afterwards...   What if I told U, "improving Self" could be d ...

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5 September 2018 In more "Stuff" flowing out of my brain...  it was required as part of the "PhD - Science" from "Trinity College (located in the UK)" to have a "Thesis" (DEFINITION: Major papers presented as the final project for a master's degree are normally called thesis; and major papers presenting the student's research towards a doctoral degree are called theses or dissertations). My personal "Thesis ...

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Physics is Boring – NO Big Bang – It Just Is – GET OVER IT!!!

29 August 2018 Bangkok, Thailand   Physics is Boring - NO Big Bang - It Just Is - GET OVER IT!!!   Published by Major Brian K. Kissinger (#BKK), PhD of Science "American-Thai Adjahn" Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (UTK)   Trinity College (United Kingdom) and Harvard University (USA) trained Professional Data Scientist, etc.     #BKK (and Einstein’s) Three Main Points: ...

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I’m Coming Home! LeBron James headed back to Cleveland

11 July 2014-     After a 4 year absence, LeBron James is returning to his home town of Cleveland he reports to all News Agency including NN News, "I'm Coming Home!" and "This is what makes me Happy!" "King James" (his commonly referred to NBA Nickname) says during his press conference announcing his decision. In a text message to Editor in Chief Rich Clark, I write...."A great decision for Clevel ...

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