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Thank U! Start your Day with Gratitude, Stay Proactive & Happy and SUCCEED!!!

26 October 2018 - Bangkok Thailand Last evening, after practice as Goal Keeper for YOUR Bangkok Wolves (a FIFA-sanctioned Futsal 5-a-side "Pro" Football [Soccer] Team who are scheduled to play in an "International World Championship" in Vietnam in 2019), the question came up how I can be so positive in our negative world.  The answer was easy - #1 I AM GRATEFUL for everything I have, #2 I go with the Flow k ...

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BKK Theory of Happiness

25 October 2018 Bangkok (BKK), Thailand     BKK Theory of Happiness and Ending Personal Suffering (B-THEPS) This is NOT 100% Original - simply my “Version” (kinda like making an American melting pot of Chili to use a goofy analogy) of past philosophers attempts to address the same issue (Happiness and ending [or at least minimizing] Suffering)...   The great minds I derived the "BKK Theory of ...

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Physics is Boring – NO Big Bang – It Just Is – GET OVER IT!!!

29 August 2018 Bangkok, Thailand   Physics is Boring - NO Big Bang - It Just Is - GET OVER IT!!!   Published by Major Brian K. Kissinger (#BKK), PhD of Science "American-Thai Adjahn" Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (UTK)   Trinity College (United Kingdom) and Harvard University (USA) trained Professional Data Scientist, etc.     #BKK (and Einstein’s) Three Main Points: ...

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HiHelloBKK – Been busy – Hope Y’all are OK-Krup

21 July 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand Greetings Friends! It's been a little while since our last article - a little busy is all I can say.  In the interim, a wonderful "Good Energy" connection was made with the College of Aviation located at Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (Bangkok).  It was an honor for the past 2.5 weeks to "teach" (I learned a LOT too) 27 young and brilliant Thai Engineers (fro ...

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Nobel Peace Prize (Chemistry) awarded today! The World’s smallest Machine

NN News 10-5-2016 Today the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today to 3 Chemists for making the "World's Smallest Machine" - also known as "Molecular Machines" - The 3 Chemists are from France, originally the United Kingdom - yet now a professor at Northwestern University, and the final is from The Netherlands.  Their names are: Jean-Pierre Sauvage University of Strasbourg, France Sir J. Fraser Stoddart Northw ...

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Happy 240th Birthday America – Let’s put a Jupiter Satellite into Orbit!!!

NN News Today on the 240th Birthday of the United States of America, Scientists from the National Aeronautical & Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) announced that they successfully guided an unmanned spacecraft into orbit around Jupiter beginning its 20-month mission to gather data on the solar system's largest planet.   To learn more about the United States of America's Juno spacecraft go to: https:/ ...

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Signs of Low Testosterone and How to Address It

NN News: Valerie Johnston- Signs of Low Testosterone and How to Address It Testosterone is the lifeblood of man. So, when most guys hear the phrase “low testosterone,” they start to quiver just a bit. While many men like to boast their manliness, low testosterone is actually a condition that affects more than 13 million American men. It can have a variety of consequences—yes, in the bedroom, but also in oth ...

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