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UN-Conditional Love – What is it?

24 October 2018 Bangkok (BKK), Thailand   UN-conditional Love is just that "Love" that is GIVEN with NO conditions - just GIVE it... Of course, this type of "Love" is DIFFERENT from an ATTACHMENT to winning A PRIZE that one can take PRIDE (like some Folks try to do with their "Trophy" Spouses).     Of course, we should show Pride in moderation like all things.  Small doses of “Happy Pride” is good ...

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How to REALLY IMPROVE SELF without Spending $$$

21 Sept 2018   We all want to improve ourselves, right?   Or at least that is what the 11 BILLION U.S. Dollar “Self-Improvement Industry (BIG BUSINESS - according to a 19 Oct 2017 article states)  needs us to think and believe...and some of it is good, yet it IS STILL A BUSINESS...and businesses are motivated by #1 Profit, then whatever else afterwards...   What if I told U, "improving Self" could be d ...

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