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Do U hear DA Words Coming out of My Mouth Computer!?!

NN News What Are You Trying to Say to me Computer!?! By Rich Clark 1-17-14 The language of computers can be confusing and frustrating, know what I mean!?!  Words used in computing sound like the words we use everyday when we talk to each other...except when they are not.   Let me tell you what I mean. For example, everyone knows the words throttle and default, right!?! THROTTLE: A throttle on an airplane or ...

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Keep Your Technology Protected!!! OR ELSE!!!

Keep Your Technology Protected!!! Many may have received a new personal technology device during this holiday season.  While many  purchase additional warranty for the new device, few buy one of the first lines of protection to truly protect their device.  Now most of us have power strips, a surge protector, or a battery backup power supply also know as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for many of our plu ...

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1-8-14 - BUYING NEW TECHNOLOGY- Rich Clark – NN News Staff Buying a new personal technology device can be a daunting task, period. There are so many options, and price ranges.  So before one heads out to the local computer store or on-line retailer you should determine what you really need in a personal computing device. First of all will a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop system meet your needs? For example, ...

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Beware of Holiday Fraud & Protect Your Computer!

Greetings Computer Fans! Tis the season for the online scam artists to start working overtime.  You will receive scams from social networks, email and email attachments, coupons, fake shipping documents, and even seasonal greeting cards.  As I have mentioned before, if you have a link in any digital message format, it is best to type in the website address manually or use a link that is in your browser’s Fa ...

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2nd Segment in the Technology Security series – Malware

NN News 2nd Segment in the Technology Security series - Malware By Rich Clark 11-18-13 Malicious software, often known as malware, is intended to gain access to your computer, collect your personal information, and disrupt computer operations.  Malware includes several types of intrusive and or hostile programs, such as spyware, viruses, ransom-ware, root kits, key loggers, adware, worms, backdoors, and tro ...

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1st Segment in the Technology Security series – Passwords

NN News 1st Segment in the Technology Security series - Passwords By Rich Clark - 11-4-13 Technology security is not just an issue for your computer at home - it also affects your smartphone, tablet, and laptop computers.  Passwords are a key item in your security plan to protect your data and personal information.  Passwords do not have to be difficult to remember, but they need to be difficult for a would ...

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Computer Maintenance – Pay me Now or Pay me Later

        Computer Maintenance - Pay me Now or Pay me Later - -Rich Clark - 10-25-13 There are many analogies that can be used for why to perform regular preventive maintenance on your computer. I’m sure you have heard many of them. The bottom-line is you can pay a little now, or a lot in the future. It is not a question of IF your computer will crash, but WHEN it will crash, an ...

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No Man is an Island, but he can build one from trash!

-No Negative (NN) News No Man is an Island, right?  But NN News journalist Shawn Corcoran and Editor BK Kissinger found out today that he can build one from things most folks throw into the trash. Docked just off from Isla Mujeres, Mexico across from Cancun one man has proven this concept for 5 years.  His name is Rico.  It's hard to describe Rico or "Ricky" as some call him.  He is an obvio ...

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