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Tebow, Pac-Man & Lin in Forbes Top 10 List

NNNews- It appears that it may be ok, even cool to be a Christian and a professional athlete as at least 3 of Forbes "Top 10 Most Influential Athletes" are proclaimed Christians.  #2 on the list is former University of Florida Gator and now NY Jets QB Tim Tebow responsible for "Tebowmania."  Tim Tebow started, what others call, "Tebowing" where the Heisman trophy winner takes a knee and reflects in thankful ...

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Keep it on the Road Friend

NN News.  CommentaryIf you have a driver's license, you've probably been driving and something exciting, scary, or just plain weird happens to you when you least expect it. Maybe a deer jumps out at you, or another car pulls out of no where, or an endless number of other things. By the Grace of God, or whatever you choose to believe in, you are still here. Maybe you had to replace a part of your car, or you ...

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