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Songkran 2018 – Bangkok

14 April 2018 Songkran Festival - Bangkok, Thailand Yesterday in Bangkok, I was told Songkran started as a simple Annual Family Tradition to remove and wash the family's home Buddha.  The Patriarch (oldest Male member) would remove the dust (powder) and smear it on the faces of all the family members present.  With the water used to cleanse their Buddha they would pour it gently on each other.  Now move for ...

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Go to Bali – NOT!

11-6-2017 Just arrived back in the USA from a quick 5 day trip to Bali - the wonderful island retreat and part of the Indonesian nation.  It was a long 15 hour flight from Florida (MCO) to Dubai (DXB) and another 8+ hours to Bali (DPS).  After a chill day the first day to recover and to "only" take in the Monkey Forest near the hotel, it was off to a 2-day tour of the island with a private guide (typically ...

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“Trust & Be Happy” – Part 1 – “Doctor Gabby” Solos a 1946 Ercoupe

1-10-2017 - Bangkok, Thailand - N.N. News It's nice to have a little "breathing room" and be able to not only "create" some new News stories, record some new documentaries and just be "Sabai-Sabai" (Happy/Chill/Relaxed) here in Thailand with my "Base of Operations" in a little humble Bangkok apartment that costs "The Organization" (actually my own humble pocketbook) less than $400/month.  For this is truly ...

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S1/E1 from Bangkok

[embed][/embed]   1-6-2017 We just finished the Inaugural Episode of our "Season One" in our Organization's new Digital TV Travel Series starting in Bangkok, Thailand and hope you enjoy it! BK out ...

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Flugtag™ – The HAPPY Aviation Movie

NN News 4-8-2016 - Lakeland, Florida USA - Sun n Fun International Fly-In & Expo Today the Pax et Amor Production International (P.A.P.I.) organization (the non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation that owns/operates NN News & all the Fly Now! products & trademarks) officially announces the first use of the Flugtag trademark or otherwise known as Flugtag™ as our own. PAPI intends to use this trademark n ...

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NN News Team headed to Germany for AERO 2013

        NN News- The NN News team will be covering Europe's "LARGEST and most important [Aviation] trade show" taking place in April in the German aviation and university town of Friedrichshafen.  Friedrichshafen is located on Lake Constance in South Germany.  Stay tune to NN News in case you can't make it to Friedrichshafen this Spring.  We will let you know what the latest is from Frie ...

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A Few Ways to Save Money at the Pump

NN News         Ok, here we are again with gas prices hovering around 4 bucks a gallon. So instead of debating how and why we got to where we are, here are a few ways to conserve and save you money at the pump: Maintenance: Keep your vehicle maintained properly to your owner's manuals standards. We recommend that you actually get our your manual and read it to verify what ...

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No Man is an Island, but he can build one from trash!

-No Negative (NN) News No Man is an Island, right?  But NN News journalist Shawn Corcoran and Editor BK Kissinger found out today that he can build one from things most folks throw into the trash. Docked just off from Isla Mujeres, Mexico across from Cancun one man has proven this concept for 5 years.  His name is Rico.  It's hard to describe Rico or "Ricky" as some call him.  He is an obvio ...

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Keep it on the Road Friend

NN News.  CommentaryIf you have a driver's license, you've probably been driving and something exciting, scary, or just plain weird happens to you when you least expect it. Maybe a deer jumps out at you, or another car pulls out of no where, or an endless number of other things. By the Grace of God, or whatever you choose to believe in, you are still here. Maybe you had to replace a part of your car, or you ...

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