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E=GM2 – “The Theory of Everything”

4 September 2018 Today, in a Webster University-Thailand International Relations classroom, we furthered our concept of E=GM2 or... Energy = "Give Me Money" For it's the average person's inability to understand "Energy" the way that Einstein did, yet they can understand the "Energy of Money" or at least what money can do for them personally...or their own selfish or other needs to simply survive another day ...

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HiHelloBKK – Been busy – Hope Y’all are OK-Krup

21 July 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand Greetings Friends! It's been a little while since our last article - a little busy is all I can say.  In the interim, a wonderful "Good Energy" connection was made with the College of Aviation located at Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (Bangkok).  It was an honor for the past 2.5 weeks to "teach" (I learned a LOT too) 27 young and brilliant Thai Engineers (fro ...

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S1/E1 from Bangkok

[embed][/embed]   1-6-2017 We just finished the Inaugural Episode of our "Season One" in our Organization's new Digital TV Travel Series starting in Bangkok, Thailand and hope you enjoy it! BK out ...

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Bob Dylan is a Nobel Peace Prize Winner for Literature!!! SURPRISE – SURPRISE – SURPRISE!!!

NN News   10-13-2016 In a seemingly surprise decision, American Singer - Songwriter Bob Dylan is chosen as the latest Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his 1,752 word work - or 1,727 more than the 25 words he was only asked to write about the late American Legend Woody Guthrie... For more information please go to the Nobel site at: ...

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Happy 240th Birthday America – Let’s put a Jupiter Satellite into Orbit!!!

NN News Today on the 240th Birthday of the United States of America, Scientists from the National Aeronautical & Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) announced that they successfully guided an unmanned spacecraft into orbit around Jupiter beginning its 20-month mission to gather data on the solar system's largest planet.   To learn more about the United States of America's Juno spacecraft go to: https:/ ...

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Colonel Peter T. Wangler’s Veteran Story – Duty, Honor, Country – Medal of Honor Recipient Discussion

NN News During Colonel Peter T. "Wang-Dango" Wangler's and my 2015 interview about SO many different topics, the discussion mainly centered on Duty and Service before Self.  We also talked about the Humility of Medal of Honor (our Nation's highest Military honor or medal) recipients. In my past, I've been fortunate and blessed to spend time with two recipients of "The Medal" - Th ...

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Marine’s First Solo carries on a Long Family Tradition – Stay Humble – Enjoy Life Hank!!!

4-18-2016 - NN News USMC 2nd Lt Henry R. "Hank" Duden, IV (aka “Hank Blackbird Solo”) just soloed the T-6 at NAS Whiting Field. Hank is the great grand son of the Uncle (Cmdr George T. McCutchan, USN) of Major General Clay T. McCutchan (retired USAFR & Full-time USAF Historian). Clay and his parents (famous Aviators too!) named their Family Airfield after Commander George T. McCutchan and another Uncle, ...

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Don Jonas – USAF Veteran – 1952-1956 – “I Love Flying”

[caption id="attachment_37579" align="alignleft" width="294"] The Unit Patch of Randolph Air Force Base where Don Jonas, CFI & A/P served in the 1950s[/caption]                     NN News 4-17-2016 While shooting "BK-roll" for our upcoming new Indie (Independent) Film "FlugTag the Movie," I met U.S. Air Force Veteran Don Jona ...

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Phil Marlett – Vietnam Veteran – Sergeant Big Red 1

NN News                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              4-12-2016 Click here for the Video of Phil Marlett - Vietnam Veteran - Big Red 1 [caption id="attachment_37570" align="alignleft" wid ...

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