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Tuskegee Airman Turns 77 today

19 March 2018 77 years ago today, the Famed "Tuskegee Airman" or special U.S. Army Air Corps Aviation Unit comprised solely of Americans, typically of African decent, was started. While these men, at the time, could not sit and eat at lunch counters in most cities in the USA, they were sent to defend the Freedoms for all Americans regardless of their background, beliefs, or color of their skin. They were Pi ...

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Go to Bali – NOT!

11-6-2017 Just arrived back in the USA from a quick 5 day trip to Bali - the wonderful island retreat and part of the Indonesian nation.  It was a long 15 hour flight from Florida (MCO) to Dubai (DXB) and another 8+ hours to Bali (DPS).  After a chill day the first day to recover and to "only" take in the Monkey Forest near the hotel, it was off to a 2-day tour of the island with a private guide (typically ...

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My iPhone is “Free Land” Man – Just like my Home – Stay Out Big Brother!

NN News 5-2-2016 In a brief Legal Commentary, our first at NN News, we bring up the topic that is hot now in the courts with the United States government working with, then suing Apple Inc (makers of the iPhone, iPad, & other advance technological devices) to be able to "crack" an iPhone Terrorists in recent crimes had on their persons during the crimes.  Apple refused.  In addition, Microsoft sued the ...

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Colonel Peter T. Wangler’s Veteran Story – Duty, Honor, Country – Medal of Honor Recipient Discussion

NN News During Colonel Peter T. "Wang-Dango" Wangler's and my 2015 interview about SO many different topics, the discussion mainly centered on Duty and Service before Self.  We also talked about the Humility of Medal of Honor (our Nation's highest Military honor or medal) recipients. In my past, I've been fortunate and blessed to spend time with two recipients of "The Medal" - Th ...

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Marine’s First Solo carries on a Long Family Tradition – Stay Humble – Enjoy Life Hank!!!

4-18-2016 - NN News USMC 2nd Lt Henry R. "Hank" Duden, IV (aka “Hank Blackbird Solo”) just soloed the T-6 at NAS Whiting Field. Hank is the great grand son of the Uncle (Cmdr George T. McCutchan, USN) of Major General Clay T. McCutchan (retired USAFR & Full-time USAF Historian). Clay and his parents (famous Aviators too!) named their Family Airfield after Commander George T. McCutchan and another Uncle, ...

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Don Jonas – USAF Veteran – 1952-1956 – “I Love Flying”

[caption id="attachment_37579" align="alignleft" width="294"] The Unit Patch of Randolph Air Force Base where Don Jonas, CFI & A/P served in the 1950s[/caption]                     NN News 4-17-2016 While shooting "BK-roll" for our upcoming new Indie (Independent) Film "FlugTag the Movie," I met U.S. Air Force Veteran Don Jona ...

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