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E=GM2 – “The Theory of Everything”

4 September 2018

Today, in a Webster University-Thailand International Relations classroom, we furthered our concept of E=GM2 or…

Energy = “Give Me Money”

For it’s the average person’s inability to understand “Energy” the way that Einstein did, yet they can understand the “Energy of Money” or at least what money can do for them personally…or their own selfish or other needs to simply survive another day in this imperfect earthly realm…

While there is NO real need to go into a lengthy explanation that few people can truly understand, I really don’t know if I truly understand “The Theory of Everything” (what TRULY brilliant Scientist/Pure Physicist Genius & Creator of The String Theory – Doctor Michio Kaku)  because it’s ONLY the Pure Province of “The Universe”“The Creator” or “God” or “Whatever One cares to Believe In Regardless What Name One puts on It…” 

For Infinity has NO end AND NO beginning…

Anyway…THE only thing we should REALLY know is sometimes the things we can’t see or even believe in…are the very things we should believe in the most… Right!?!  

PLEASE Stay Happy – Stay Healthy Always!!!

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