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Gerry L. “Bubba” Watson Jr wins again at The Masters – Gives Thanks to God & his new Son

Gerry L. “Bubba” Watson Jr wins again at The Masters – Gives Thanks to God & his new Son

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“I try to be as Christ-like as possible, but know I will never be perfect…” Bubba Watson the latest Masters Champion (his second) says today after winning his second Championship in Augusta, Georgia this past week.

When asked what helped him to win he gives credit to his Faith in God and Trust in Jesus and the lessons he is learning from having a newly adopted son.  Bubba, a devoted Christian and family man, was born Gerry Lester ” BubbaWatson, Jr. on November 5, 1978 in Baghdad, Florida.  For more on Bubba please go to:

EATING AT THE WAFFLE HOUSE ISN’T JUST FOR DRUNK COLLEGE STUDENTS or TRUCKERS!  On a side note, just like fellow NN News PhotoJournalist Greg “Rooster” Dehen and I did before trying to go flying on Sunday :>( plane was broke!)…Bubba went to the Waffle House after his big win in Augusta…how’s that for a humble Southern Christian Gentleman?

So the next time you are down at the Waffle House slap an extra buck down for the waitress and don’t forget to wash your hands and say your prayers to be thankful for your blessings.

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