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Go to Bali – NOT!


Just arrived back in the USA from a quick 5 day trip to Bali – the wonderful island retreat and part of the Indonesian nation.  It was a long 15 hour flight from Florida (MCO) to Dubai (DXB) and another 8+ hours to Bali (DPS).  After a chill day the first day to recover and to “only” take in the Monkey Forest near the hotel, it was off to a 2-day tour of the island with a private guide (typically cost $35-40/day – inclusive of driver, car, tolls, & other miscellaneous items).  The private guided tour was well worth it in my humble opinion as they take you to many good stops – like this wonderful restaurant with an amazing Volcano-view.  Of course it’s best viewed with a native Bintang Beer.


So in closing go to Bali or NOT, yet my advice is to go to Bali if you can – and while over in Asia make a few more stops.  My personal suggestions are Bangkok, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and perhaps Singapore.


– BK out

Bali Volcano

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