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HiHelloBKK – Been busy – Hope Y’all are OK-Krup

21 July 2018 – Bangkok, Thailand

Greetings Friends!

It’s been a little while since our last article – a little busy is all I can say.  In the interim, a wonderful “Good Energy” connection was made with the College of Aviation located at Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (Bangkok).  It was an honor for the past 2.5 weeks to “teach” (I learned a LOT too) 27 young and brilliant Thai Engineers (from Electrical to Mechanical to Civil to 1 or 2 Aeronautical) who are accepted to Thai Air Asia’s “Maintenance Expert or Senior Officer” (my term) program…

While my task was a simple one…  To cover “Aircraft Regulations,” “Basic Aerodynamics,” and “Aircraft Instrumentation. ”  We covered all those “Required Items” in quick order and I could also tell from “Day 1” that this group of “Young Engineering Geniuses” were not ones who desired, nor needed, to simply be fed a series of “Syballi Slides.”  So we covered the information and then some…

At the risk of sounding arrogant, yet hopefully “Happily Humble” instead, I quickly challenged the Geniuses by also “pretending” to operate as if they were at the airlines already.  We ran “Checklists,” flew “Flight Simulators,” and even had a “4-team Engineering” Competition that resulted in 1 program being submitted to NASA’s “Open Code Software” program to hopefully later help PRO-actively diagnosis ANY “Aerospace Vehicle” from a RC (Remote Control) Aircraft Hobbyists fly every weekend to the latest and greatest Spaceships that Tesla automobile and “Space-X One” CEO Elon Musk is readying for the next step in Space exploration.


These “Thai Engineering Geniuses” exceeded my expectations and not only did we submit our information to NASA, yet also they came up with 3 other brilliant ideas including a “Sleeping Capsule,” a more efficient “Super-Charging TurboFan Aircraft Engine,” and an “Aircraft Maintenance Scanner” similar, yet different/better than what is currently being used in the trucking industry.

“Think it, Believe it, then simply Do It!” was our simply Mantra where we casted out all doubt and “Just Did it!” instead of talking about it…  By the way (BTW), that is MO better than Nike’s slogan of “Just Do It!”

– BK out


p.s. Here’s a great pix of “my” Engineers all practicing “Flying” a simulator on their various devices:




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