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How to REALLY IMPROVE SELF without Spending $$$

21 Sept 2018


We all want to improve ourselves, right?  

Or at least that is what the 11 BILLION U.S. Dollar “Self-Improvement Industry (BIG BUSINESS – according to a 19 Oct 2017 article states)  needs us to think and believe…and some of it is good, yet it IS STILL A BUSINESS…and businesses are motivated by #1 Profit, then whatever else afterwards…  

What if I told U, “improving Self” could be done without spending a penny IF U are willing to simply “Think Right” and do a few “Non-Typical” human things?  Would U do it?  

Maybe – Maybe not is the real answer regardless of what U just answered in your mind…not being rude, just honest, because most people are focused on just 1 thing>>> “Self” or simply Surviving until the next day (and that’s a normal “DNA trait” – NOTHING wrong with it).  And regardless of what “Self-Help” program (be it a class at the local library, Motivation Seminar, Multi-Level Marketing Business, New church or yoga studio they attend for a month or two then quit because “other things are more imporant,” or whatever).  My #1 point is that U are amazingly made, U can become your Best self without any “Self-Help” book, WITHOUT giving any money to a Church (It’s possible  I will be attacked by some of my “Religious Friends” on that one, or to a “Self-Help Guru” or any other human…) because your own self (where YOUR HUMAN SPIRIT [The ENERGY of the Almighty UNIVERSE/CREATOR/GOD resides] is all U really need along with the WILLINGNESS and determination for 1. Positive Change, 2. Find Like-Minded Positive Friends, 3. Do NOT give up (some call this “Back-sliding”) and go back to being like your old “Less-than” your BEST POSSIBLE and POSITIVE SELF…  

Here are my FREE suggestions  

To “GROW and IMPROVE SELF” I offer an “Easy.” if U are willing to do the work, way to BECOME YOUR BEST SELF.  It is NOT like anything else from ANY famous “Self-Help Leaders” as I am NOT asking for a single penny for this “GOOD NEWS or NO NEGATIVE NEWS” information unlike most others. AND THERE WILL NO “OFFERING PLATE” GOING AROUND THE AISLES AT THE END OF THIS “TALK.”  “5-5-5 (MEANS HA-HA-HA  in the Thai Language).    

Now I am NOT against any person making money by helping others and one of the best is Tony Robbins (who is a VERY rich man). Tony, in one of his recent series “I am NOT your Guru” who, in a ways, simply says “You, NOT ME, has to do this” to many others, the point is “U are the ONLY person who can change U” >>>


It’s NOT the “Guru” (simply a word that means a “Specialist” or “Teacher”) who needs to change – it’s the student.  Ironically, many “Gurus” (cool sounding term – yet 100% of them are simply another flawed human), yet some twist their “Guru Title” meaning (and their “RELIGION” which can meana pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.”) to get maximum money (a form of ENERGY – with TIME being another form and our MOST important one – so THANK U for taking your personal time to read my article to help yourself & the world we live in!).  For WE must change first to see change in the world around us – Period!   And in that vein, it’s not really a bad thing that MANY “Gurus” (even the mega-millionaire Christian TV Evangelists, many people make fun of in the USA, yet who help THOUSANDS of people improve their lives like Mr. Robbins and countless other “Rich Gurus” around our Globe has over the years).  For their “Followers” freely gave them their Energy (Money, Time, and Faith in the Stuff they were “Selling”) and they were NOT forced to give away either…the “Gurus” gave them something they didn’t have perhaps it was “Faith, Hope, and even a little personal Peace.”  People pay BIG Money to go to Concerts to gain similar feelings, yet I digress.

That all said, I think it’s ESPECIALLY funny, to me at least, that if “THE ALMIGHTY GURU” grows a beard, wear some unusual clothes, maybe even creates a legal  501(c) 3 non-profit charity (like a “Church” often does”), write a book or two, and further attempts to manipulate other humans’ minds into thinking they have a “Special Power” they truly don’t possess.  It has been proven (suggest U do your own Google Search or research) that about 90% of “Gurus” “Ministers” and others are 100% full of Malarky and simply use their “Titles” and other pieces of paper to manipulate unsuspecting people into giving them money.  They play “Energy Games’ like putting people into trances, etc.  Now I KNOW with 100% confidence, after studying at the St Louis Healing Center for 1 year and further my “Energy Healing Research & Practice” here in the Far East with “Qi or Chi” (simply means Energy in Chinese), “QiGong” (A Chinese system of physical exercise and breathing control related, yet NOT the same, as tai chi), after (with the aid of Western medicine’s surgery – I had THREE brain surgeries and TWO rounds of Temodar chemotherapy) “curing” myself of NOT just ONE, yet TWO episodes of “Terminal Brain Cancer,” and a few other things that kill “most” humans that managing our Qi/Chi/Energy is the Key to living our best possible existence.  AND that it ALL comes from The Universe, our Environment (also our personal “Universe”) and “God” (whatever U care to believe in and I DO NOT CARE about your “personal” belief >>> that’s is why it is “personal” right!?! ;>)

Anyway, I ONLY help (some call teach) other humans who are 1. Kind, 2. Willing, and 3. On an “Enlightened” Path to improve themselves.  All others, we shall call them “Doubters,” “Athesists” (simply definition of an Atheist is one who either “Knows it All” or feels “They are God themselves” — The last example “They are God” they are partially correct as God is INSIDE of all of us…), or others who simply refuse to elevate their “Human Experience” beyond the lower levels of survival and immediate gratification.  I respect their choice, yet do not care to expend my personal energy to help those who do not care to 1. Learn, 2. Grow, and 3. Later help others with the Knowledge they can turn into True Wisdom…


On a side-note, we created Pax et Amor Inc (a 501 [C] 3 Non-Profit Corporation in 2011 and established OVER 20+ International and USA REGISTERED Trademarks in the areas of 1. Healthcare, 2. Veterinary Services, 3. MANY more >>> It’s true…please just google my name “Brian K Kissinger” and “Pax et Amor Inc”).  

To be honest, MANY said, “Sure we will be glad to help Pax et Amor Inc help others” yet when it came to actually doing it they were preoccupied with #1 (Helping Self first) and that is 100% understandable, because as my Mom reminds me, “Brian U have to 1. take care of yourself so 2. U can be around to help others,” so in that vein I put the “Charity Operations” on the back-burner until the appropriate “Energy” arrives to make it happen.  


I am Optimistic it will all “Come Together” one day, and “The Organization” will help countless people with the “Good Energies” we will receive.  That said, until that starts, I will simply keep myself Strong and stay “Open to receive, realize my many blessings, and be patient” until those “Energies” (People, Resources, etc) arrive to help…


In a business review of our Charitable Operations since inception last year, our estimations were that we received MAYBE $1,000 in total donations, yet thankfully were about to donate OVER $20,000 to 1. Help feed and clothe people all over the world, house Homeless/Disabled Veterans in St Louis, Missouri, USA and elsewhere, and a few other “Charitable” acts, yet at a loss of $19,000 we had to cease charitable operations and focus on others things.  IF we ever find “Good Energy” (well trained people [volunteers], resources like clothes, medical/dental supplies [we would like to start a Medical/Dental program here in Thailand], food, etc.)


So as a “Last Word on Pax et Amor [means Peace & Love in Latin]” – I am 100% confident we could help millions around our Planet Earth >>> yet personally we need others to ENLIST in our “Peaceful and Loving Army” for it is an Army’s task and NOT just that of a little sporadic squad  of 1, 2, or 3 when they can “find time” to help.  

Those are just the facts — IF U know of anyone who can help – drop me an e-mail at PaxetAmor33 (at)


BOTTOM-line – NO GURU has any more power, probably less, THAN U DO because U have THE GREATEST POWER already in U!   This Amazing Power is called your HUMAN Spirit, your “Free Will,” and your ability to be MORE confident than complacent, have MORE Faith than Fear, and START living instead of acting like a Jellyfish just floating around the Universe.  

There is a LOT of talk about simple “Zen” and my next book, “Fly Now! And ZEN,” is due out before the end of 2018.  HOWEVER, it is NOT your normal “Zen with just sitting there and doing nothing and wait for stuff to happen” type of “Zen” >>> instead it’s a type of “Stay Calm and Carry On and LIVE A GREAT LIFE” type of Zen that STRONG and POSITIVE people do to become or stay more Happy instead of staying in a room staring at a candle and trying to find their “Inner Peace or Whatever” while ignoring there is an “Outer World” they have to deal with when they leave their “Safe House.”  

Now I am NOT knocking others’ view of Zen, or complaining about others’ views, as we are all flawed humans to use our “Free Will” as we choose.  This all said, IF we stay Strong, Motivated, and Confident we will get more done with our Positive Actions than our “Complacent misguided-type of unrealistic Zen Peace.” #justsaying ;>)

So in Conclusion, I developed the simple THREE level Inverse Pyramid (“The Pinnacle, or highest level, is at the bottom…) of what I feel EVERY human being can strive to achieve in their lives to live an Optimal Life.  Hope it helps put things into perspective as a graphic: 



















Do with it what you want, for paraphrasing Famed Guru Tony Robbins said, “I ain’t your Dang Guru” and I have to #1 focus on my Self, being the best person person, family member, and member in the many “Tribes” (Family, ‘PRO’ Futsal Team the Bangkok Wolves, Team Instructor at the “Royal Thai Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (Bangkok), and a few other things that fills my days)…  

What U do with your “Amazing Personal Energy” is up to U, yet I am VERY Happy with who I am, I feel Optimistic, Hopeful, and feel I am Boundless because I BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH in the Creator, our Beautiful Universe, and a Loving God who is like an Awesome parent who loves us and wants nothing but good things for His children.  


I will leave Y’all with these simple “Facts” >>> “Sometimes the things we can’t see or even believe in are the very things we need to believe in the MOST…”


  1. People are mostly Good.
  2. Good ALWAYS wins over Evil
  3. Love, TRUE Love, NEVER Dies…


What U “Believe” of do is Up to U!  


Best always!  Brian







Major Brian K. Kissinger, PhD

U.S. Air Commando

A Simple Man – NOT A Guru

#33 Goal-Keeper/Team Chief

Bangkok Wolves

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