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Kindness is NOT Weakness – When taken advantage of this Truth – Justice will be seen!

8 November 2018

Happy Thursday from Bangkok Thailand…

In a continuation of thought on “things” it came to me today about the misunderstanding some, especially those humans who may not be considered enlightened or self-actualized (and I am NOT implying that I am perfect),  seem to have in regards to a person being Kind, or funny, or even living a happy and simple life…

From my experience, some less enlightened folk (for lack of a better term) I’ve noticed, see kind, happy or simple behavior as a “sign of weakness” and perhaps that people should suffer more in Life, need to be more fearful, confused, and in chaos more often instead of seeking their internal peace and external (harmonizing with others) peace…

These thoughts took me to exploring “Truth and Justice” and thus “The Law.”   Yet, when exploring “The Law,” naturally I came across different types of “The Law,” that few of us ever really explore unless we read the law for the bar exam (Actually did that for 1 year while living on an old sailboat/writing my first book/recovering from terminal brain cancer [yeah I beat it!] in Washington state – 1 of the 4 states in the Union [California, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming] where one can still do that and bypass formal “Law School” and become a full fledged attorney – just like Ole Abe Lincoln did (NO formal Law School) – it’s true look it up!).

I guess one could call me, though I despise “tags,” “titles,” and other “dogmatic bucket types” we try to put other humans in…a “Positive Libertarian” for I do my best to be Positive and I love Liberty and feel all humans should be free and use their free will as they best see fit as long as they are not harming others or infringing on another’s personal freedoms…

Here are the Law charts for your reading and knowledge gaining pleasure:

Anyway, in my continual search for some legal knowledge (and thus wisdom too I reckon) the picture outlines below came to me via the internet (the website), which was my first visit today…



Stay Free!  BK out





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