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Life Short Fly Now Published! ALL proceeds for Charity!

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In wonderful news, we signed an exclusive charity book contract with Solstice publishing in June 2014 for the rights to our book “Life Short, Fly Now ™” and it is now available on Amazon as an e-Book at this link:

The regular book version is available, also from Amazon, at:


Enjoy!  Brian K. Kissinger



Excerpt from the Publisher’s & Amazon’s website:

Life Short, FLY NOW! ™ 
A short novel by 3 time World Record holding Aviator Major Brian “Brain” Kissinger that will change your life! “BK” documents his life trials, surviving brain cancer twice and provides suggestions on how to stay positive and survive in the worse of circumstances. A must read for pilots and non-pilots alike…makes a great gift!!! 
Its 11:00 hours. We’re flying from St. Louis to Wisconsin in a small Cessna. Weather reports looked ok when we left in the morning but it soon started to close in. Our latest onboard electronics with weather radar and IR satellite imaging made it look like we could fly under the cloud deck so we pressed on. But the ceiling is coming down. 

Watching the radar we try to divert around the weather. It doesn’t work. Soon we find ourselves in a situation that kills more small plane pilots than any other factor. IMC or Instrument Meteorlogical Conditions. Our plane is not instrument rated so our only option is to find a spot and land and land QUICK! 

Brian takes the controls as I concentrate on navigating our way to safety. 

Brian says, “Where’s the nearest airport?,” cooly yet sharply over the intercom. 

I quickly reply “Tri-County airport in Savanna Illinois.” 

Brian, “Which way?” I say “turn 30 degrees left” 

Brian asks, “How Far?” 

I reply “umm, about 12 miles next to the Mississippi River” 

“What’s the MEA? (Minimum Enroute Altitude)” says Brian. 

I look for the box on the chart but Brian glances over on my lap and spots it first. “There it is 1500 feet” We’re now flying about 1800 feet which means we’re only about 300 feet off the ground. 

The terrain is rolling and hilly. We need a path to follow to keep us from running into a hill. 
“There’s a railroad track just up this road that we can follow that runs right by the airport.” I said. 

“Roger that” said Brian. “Now look for towers and obstructions along the track.” 

The ceiling is closing in more… We have to drop down to keep the ground in sight. Some of the larger Oak trees are 75 feet tall. We clear them by 20 to 30 feet. “There’s the airport.” Brian turned left, made a straight in approach to runway 18 and held in some power to counter the crosswind. The tires squeek… 

“Great flying Brian” I said. 

“Just glad you were there. It’s good to have two people in the cockpit” Brian retorts 

That’s Brian. Modest. 

As a Friend, and he has many, he is also a role model. He works dilligently at his charitable pursuits and when its time to relax with his Friends and a beer, the conversation is always lively and intelligent. Retired from the Air Force as a Major after many years of service, he’s a successful businessman, entrepenuer, Aviator and aircraft restorer. He plays guitar, gives spiritual guidance, attends to Hospice patients and lives part time in Florida, St. Louis, MO and on his sailboat in Puget Sound. 

-“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, joystick in one hand, beer in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ‘Woo-Hoo! What a ride” 

Jeff Wilson, NBC Multi Media Journalist, Private Pilot, Friend

N.N. News Network’s Co-Creator & Chief Journalist is Brian “B.K.” Kissinger. Brian has been published in a variety of venues from local newspapers to international publications. He also holds 3 Aviation World Records for speed as a Pilot, published 3 books: “Life Short – Fly Now!™,” and the “Fly Now! Photobook” follow-on to the Original Fly Now! 2015 Movie, & “A Time When Time Didn’t Matter,” in addition to regular No Negative News & other articles, yet his true passion is helping others overcome their struggles through his charity: Brain’s Flight (Pax et Amor). His latest manuscript “Fly Now! & Zen” was released on Amazon (late 2018). He has a litany of other literary and other works he is currently editing to be released at a later date.

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