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Looking for a replacement for UNsupported Windows XP? Try Ubuntu

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If you haven’t heard, Windows XP is no longer being supported so the Ubuntu operating system may be a good replacement for your old Windows XP on your computer.

Yet first ask yourself, do you really need a new computer or do you just want on? If you honestly evaluate your computer needs can you justify buying a new computer just because Microsoft decided to no longer support the XP operating system. An option to buying a new computer is to change your operating system on your old computer. The Ubuntu operating system is a safe, easy to learn operating system that will meet the needs of most home and small business computer users. Being a Linux based open source operating system it means that it is not under constant attack by hackers, virus and malware authors like Microsoft products are. Ubuntu comes with many of the software items that home and small business computer users need preinstalled.

A installation CD/DVD of the current Long Term Support (LTS) version 12.04 is $12.00. If you have the skills you can download an install Ubuntu 12.04 for free or for a small donation. Another option is to find a local computer club or computer shop that will install it and assist you in setting it up to meet all of your computing needs. So, if you are tired of spending hundreds to thousands of dollars to send email, search the Internet, and look at you vacation or grandkids pictures use the links below to better under the options available to you other than the Microsoft Operating system.

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