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Make the Choice to Rejoice in Life

NN News Commentary-

In life we have many choices, in my humble opinion one of the biggest ones we have is to be happy or not. That’s right, WE get to decide whether we want to be happy! Not our parents, not our Mate, not anyone else. WE are the deciders in our happiness.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Not sure, like me, if you read that correctly the first time. It says, TO BE GLAD IN IT! It’s not a choice… It’s not be glad if you feel like it or don’t be glad if you are mad, miss the bus, or feel a little mad at your wife. NO, BE GLAD IN THIS DAY!

I have a friend I went to business school with who was one of the funniest people I know. He was just a naturally funny & genuine person who would come into the room smiling and exuding genuine praise and well-wishes. He was NOT fake at all. When I asked him one time what his secret was, he simply said that he made a decision one day to “fake it til he made it.” Meaning he would act happy until he actually was happy. It worked! He was the happiest guy I ever met. Try it for a week and see if it works for you. The other choice may be to just keep being an Eeyore and be gloom about everything. Or worse yet a cynic or scoffer. Either decision (or varying degrees of those decisions) and you will miss out on so much fun as you choice to live a negative and hollow existence my friend! Instead rejoice in this day and be glad!

Last year, when I wasn’t sure if I would wake up the next morning because of the deadly infection I was fighting as a result of the first brain surgery (I had 3 brain surgeries in 2011), I was pretty excited to see the sunrise every morning and I still do. The sunrise reminds me that I am alive and I decide every morning that, with whatever strength I have that day, and even through any tears and pain that I will make the best of it. I highly recommend that you try the same. Like my old school chum, we may need to fake it til we make it. But a smile will take us a mile. Dang…are you picking up these rhymes I am lying down? I am poet and I don’t even know it this morning! Thank you Jesus!

Now friend I am not saying it’s easy, but through daily practice and through whatever challenges or sufferings we have every day we can do our best to enjoy the day and thank God for the strength to carry on. I may stumble, I may falter, but I will NOT back down on this life while I am living it! So to carry on all sad, to me, would be a slap in God’s face. Instead I want to thank Him for so much so I make the choice everyday to rejoice in the day He made and in whatever strength He gave me. I am also thankful that after so much hard work that I am stronger than I have ever been in my life and more positive too. I love being alive and still love sunrises and discovering what God has in store for me this day.

Hope to see you out there one day, if not that’s okay as my soul is just passing through this World in this body anyway.

Life truly is a fun adventure! Rejoice in it and be glad my friend.

p.s. The picture is from my 2 oldest daughter’s and my Sunrise adventure to the Grand Canyon a few years ago. They still tell the story about how I got them up WAY too early for the event, but I didn’t want to miss it! And God doesn’t do “Do-Overs” on Sunrises….don’t miss your sunrises for the World.

Pax et Amor,
B. K. Kissinger


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