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Miracle Mushroom Thai Soup

23 January 2019 – Bangkok, Thailand

The Magic of Three is evident in many things in our Universe, be it 3 Musketeers, the beginning/middle/end of everything or even the famed 3 Stooges comedy act of old…


We also see this Magic, some may even call it a Cure, in some foods like the Thai 3 Mushroom Soup often eaten by me and many others who desire a health benefit…

As a long-term surviving terminal brain cancer survivor who no longer prescribes to standard western medicine practices (NO more chemotherapy, surgery and already refused radiation treatments).  Instead I rely on the healing power of our Universe, God (Jesus as an excellent Healer example), it is my personal example that we can cure our bodies, keep our minds pure, and become a “Miracle” in this world without the use of too much modern medicine (while it helps in many cases – we should not be too reliant on it).

In closing this “Magic of Three” article, I am thankful today for 1. This Day 2. Life itself, and 3. My sweet Thai Wife “Dao” who Loves me, always gives me Hope, and shows me good Faith in all things.









Best Always! Brian

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