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“Outside the Fat” Tasty CheeseBurger

Trying to save calories, eating lean or even being diabetic does not mean you have to eat bland and boring food.
Yet you should be creative and willing to think outside that box.  Stretching the limits of your taste buds and your long time-entrenched ideas of food. Creating and enjoying low carbohydrate and low sugar recipes can be fun.  My latest concoction was based on one of my all time favorite meals, the Cheese Burger.  This one is made with ground chicken instead of ground beef.  I season my burgers with garlic, Lawry’s seasoned salt, and Mrs. Dash salt subtitle.  This is the flavor I enjoy.  To make them enjoyable to you season the ground chicken as you would season your ground beef.
Use extra virgin olive oil in a pan and cook the combined ingredients over a medium heat.  Don’t over cook the patties of they will become very dry.  If you like cheese on your burgers add your favorite before removing it from the heat.
The bun selection is an Oroweat brand, 100% whole wheat sandwich thin.  I chose these because they are low carbohydrate, low sugar, low calorie, and they taste good.  You can use some lettuce if you like. On the bun I add Yellow Mustard and Ranch Dressing.
Skipping the sweet potatoes fries for this burger meal,  instead you can choose a simple fresh spinach salad maybe made with a boiled egg and crispy uncured bacon.  The dressing is the same Ranch as used on the bun.  I choose uncured bacon because it is does not have any added nitrates.
This meal will only have approximately 30 carbohydrates, so there will be little to no spike in your blood sugar.  It is also a tasty and filling choice for anyone watching their diet.
Until next time…eat well and be well!
Richard Clark
Aviation & Technology Photojournalist
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