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Read if you are #1 a Veteran, #2 Pay Taxes, or #3 Like to be Free

Read if you are #1 a Veteran, #2 Pay Taxes, or #3 Like to be Free


April 2012:

Hello, are you a Veteran?

These were the kind words I heard from Robert Foster as I walked into the Sun n Fun event yesterday (April 2012) to start covering aviation stories for N.N. News. Mr. Foster is a very helpful, kind, and talented man with a passion to help Veterans. The VA would be hard pressed to find a better advocate for Veterans. He appears to have his heart in the right place…helping Veterans apply and receive their benefits from a grateful nation.

Well-done Mr Foster…well-done! Please keep it up and God-speed!

Well even if you aren’t a veteran you pay taxes right? And even if you, for what ever reason, don’t pay taxes you live in a country protected by a highly trained military. Thank you to those who have and are still serving!

So we hear so much about what our tax dollars don’t do, right!?! Well in regards to helping Tampa Bay area veterans, the MOC is a real bargain. Tampa Bay’s VA’s MOC costs LESS than what an average Senator will receive in 10 years of retirement pay (source: Jan 5, 12 CRS report). Now, N.N. New’s goal isn’t to unnecessarily bash Senator’s pensions, we just want to put things into perspective. Our veterans deserve to be taken care of because they took care of our and guarded country during their service years.

Thank you Veterans from a grateful nation!

Back to the MOC, simply put Robert’s service, and that of his peers, to the VA and our Veterans is one of the BEST uses of our tax dollars that we’ve seen in a long time! What better use of tax dollars then to take care of the men and women who ensured our country’s freedom?

For more information on the VA Community Outreach program and to even schedule the MOC for a local event go to:

According to the VA’s website, the process to procure the clinic took approximately 18 months and the MOC was unveiled to the community at Congressman Bilirakis’ Military Day and Veterans’ Resource Fair August 29, 2009.

From their website, “In addition to providing health care services and enrollment, the MOC gives the hospital the capability of assisting the community in disaster response.

If a hurricane hits Tampa Bay, or if a national-level disaster occurs, JAHVH staff can drive the Mobile Outreach Clinic into the affected area, turn the generators on, put the satellite dish up and log on to the computerized electronic records system immediately.

The Chief of Staff’s Office is happy to schedule the Mobile Outreach Clinic at your event. Community organizations are invited to e-mail for scheduling. Please give a minimum of four week’s notice for your event. All events will be evaluated for approval through the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital Chief of Staff.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Type of service requested
  • Date of event
  • Location (with numerical address)
  • Name and phone number of event point of contact and property manager
  • Target audience (projected numbers of attendees if possible)

For questions, call (813) 690-0235.”

Reporting from Sun n Fun 2012 in Lakeland Florida, B.K. Kissinger

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