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Signs of Low Testosterone and How to Address It

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Valerie Johnston– Signs of Low Testosterone and How to Address It

Testosterone is the lifeblood of man. So, when most guys hear the phrase “low testosterone,” they start to quiver just a bit.

While many men like to boast their manliness, low testosterone is actually a condition that affects more than 13 million American men. It can have a variety of consequences—yes, in the bedroom, but also in other parts of healthy living. Cardiovascular health, for example, relies in part on the appropriate balance of hormones in the individual’s body, and low testosterone can complicate this issue. Read on for the most common signs of low testosterone and the solutions that men can use to combat this condition.

Signs of Low Testosterone:  There is a host of signs that a man has low testosterone, and they can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Fatigue is one of the most common signs. Testosterone levels are closely tied with the amount of energy a man has for doing everyday activities, and deficiencies can cause men to feel a lack of motivation in doing a variety of activities they previously enjoyed.

These types of feelings can contribute to depression, which is another common sign of low testosterone. This may be a result of compounded effects of low testosterone: The absence of the chemical causes a natural shift in the body’s physiology, and the resulting effects can circle back and create more feelings of depression.

There are also sexual side effects, which are some of the most commonly underscored signs of low testosterone. When this chemical is low, the man’s sex drive is reduced, and erectile dysfunction is more common. Men that previously had a high sex drive may feel unmotivated to engage in sexual activity at all, and those that retain their sex drive may encounter physical problems as a result of a low level of testosterone.

While sexual issues are some of the most popular depictions of low testosterone in men, there are some more important considerations to think about. Studies show that low testosterone can result in a higher likelihood of a variety of other conditions, including diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity. While no causal relationship has yet been established, studies indicate that men with normal levels of testosterone tend to live longer than men with low levels of testosterone.

Treating This Issue:  To treat testosterone deficiencies, men can opt for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which is a form of hormone therapy to push the level of this chemical back to its normal amount.

TRT has a fairly high rate of success, and it can reverse the effects of low testosterone. Many men are attracted to this form of treatment because it can restore the individual’s sex drive and return the feelings of vigor that they felt prior to the decrease in testosterone. Energy will return, and the emotional issues that frequently accompany low testosterone tend to subside.

Still, men should realize that TRT is not always the most effective way to deal with low testosterone, and it can lead to some serious health side effects.

One of the primary side effects is a thickening of the blood. When men undergo TRT, they increase their red blood cell count, and that can cause an increase in the likelihood of stroke or blood clotting.

There is also evidence that indicates that the likelihood of prostate cancer may increase for men that utilize TRT. Studies are thus far inconclusive, but patients undergoing TRT are recommended to go in for frequent prostate exams to ensure that the process of returning the testosterone to its original level is not having an overly detrimental effect on the prostate.


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