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Thank U! Start your Day with Gratitude, Stay Proactive & Happy and SUCCEED!!!

26 October 2018 – Bangkok Thailand

Last evening, after practice as Goal Keeper for YOUR Bangkok Wolves (a FIFA-sanctioned Futsal 5-a-side “Pro” Football [Soccer] Team who are scheduled to play in an “International World Championship” in Vietnam in 2019), the question came up how I can be so positive in our negative world.  The answer was easy – #1 I AM GRATEFUL for everything I have, #2 I go with the Flow knowing nothing and no one is perfect in our flawed world, and #3 I simply do my best and stay PRO-active…


This morning, as typical for me, I started it with saying THANK YOU to God, The Universe, and all that is good in our World…Thankful for all that is good in my Life and Life itself.

Then, after a little stretching/meaningful movement (some call “active yoga” or QiGong might be a more accurate term)  I listen to some positive affirmations provided, FREE via YouTube, today the affirmations were from YouAreCreators >>>

YouAreCreators, from what I can tell are “Law of Attraction” advocates or the principle >>> “in the New Thought philosophy is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life…”

Personally, The Law of Attraction is interesting, as I wrote more about it and other cool concepts in Fly Now! and Zen >>>


However “The Law” does little for you UNLESS you are PRO-Active (#1 Habit of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey) too…

Example (and NOT being judgmental), a “Gamer Addict” (maybe one who lives in their parents basement/extra room/wherever as a healthy adult and lives from others’ generosity refusing to work towards achieving their human potential) will NOT become a productive and successful member of society or maximize their own potential UNLESS they get off their butt and are PRO-active…and of course there are sadly SO many other “Addictions” we humans are subjected to and MUST resist…in order to maximize our human potential.

So in a HEALTHY way, it is recommended that we start our day #1 with Gratitude, #2 Fill the first 20 minutes or so with “POSITIVE STUFF” (as much as possible), #3 Stay Calm and Carry On!!!


MAKE it a Great Day!!!


– BK out




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