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The “BKK-Nietzshe-Twain (BNT) Theory” of There is NO Plagiarism AND The Creator is in U!!!

6 October 2018 – Bangkok, Thailand


This is a Positive commentary about 3 things:

1. There is NO such thing as Plagiarism,

2. Be MORE than your “Selfish Self” and finally,


  1. 3.  Believe in Something Good that’s Bigger than U and Eat, Drink, and Stay Happy!!!


To begin, let us look at some “Deductive Reasoning or Logical Thoughts” about Plagiarism:

A. All words, phrases, etc have been uttered or written by another human being in the past (Premise #1) – “There is NOTHING truly original”

B. “Plagiarism” is defined as: “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source” (Premise #2 and the 1660 definition by “Merriam-Webster Dictionary” or someone’s interpretation of the English language) >>> Thus…

C. EVERY utterance, writing, song, etc (even by “Academic Intellects” in every classroom) is “Plagiarism” (Conclusion)

As Nietzsche said, there are no facts, only interpretations. 

Mark Twain said pretty much the same in the late 1800s too…

Here is a good article on the subject:

Furthermore, I suggest we ALL stay away from “The All Knowing Ones” and simply Eat, Drink, Believe in Something GOOD that is bigger than our “Selfish Selves.”  That Something Good can be defined as the following; “God,” “MOTHER Nature,” or whatever. By the way, I see “Mother Nature” as a NICE/KIND Old BLACK Lady from the DEEP SOUTH USA with a little bit of an attitude (rough exterior), yet REALLY sweet on the inside (like a grandmother type).  Maybe she is from MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE where BOTH Elvis and MLK Jr passed on to the “Next Realm” or maybe BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA.  

Ironically, Brooksville was where I was first offered [and refused] to engaged in a “Race Riot.”  This happened in the 1980s at Parrott Junior High School between some of the “Rednecks” and the “Blacks” just because (their Daddies/Uncles/Grand-Daddies had done something similar…back in the 1960s, 1970s and maybe back during “The War between the States” they were told…)

Instead I laughed my butt off with my “Real Bros” of all colors, creeds, and races from Air Force Junior R.O.T.C. at the smart “Jocks and other School Heroes” who did Riot for a bit until the Teachers broke it up.  I believe a little blurb even made it into the local rag (Newspaper) later that week.

More importantly, later in “Real Life” my “Real Bros” and I did more in a decade or two than those “School Heroes” did… EVER!!!


Stay Happy! Brian

Brian K. Kissinger, Major, U.S. Air Commando

United States Air Force (“retired”)

3 x Aviation World Record Holder (Speed)

Bangkok, Thailand

– BK out

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