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The Three Stooges Are Back!!!

Good News!!! The Three Stooges are back.  That’s right the cult classic, at least for most kids like me, are back!!!

Now, we at NN News, don’t want to make any sweeping stereo-types, but in our informal survey it appears that while guys find Larry, Moe and Curly to be quite funny most women find them juvenile, moronic and just plain dumb.  Yeah Ladies…that’s the point…duh!
Anyway, one such Lady surveyed went so far as to say that Abbott and Costello provided much higher level and intellectual comedy than the 3 stooges.

We will leave this review by a famous line from the original 3 stooges: “Gimme a 3 letter word meaning ‘rat’.” “Meaning ‘rat’?” “Yeah.” (Moe points to Curly) “Him.”

If you go to the movie enjoy it, but remember to check your brain at the door and don’t think too much…especially the Ladies! As you may know, guys have a “Not thinking about Nuthin” box in their brain and maybe that’s why we like the Stooges more than our more intellectual and better equipped human beings.

BK reporting for NN News.

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