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Tips to Keep Thriving – NOT just Surviving!!!

Bangkok 8 Feb 2019

Don’t just Survive – THRIVE in Life!!!

As a decade plus survivor of a disease (terminal brain cancer) that was statistically to kill me within a few months…maybe a few years at best, it’s been a key of mine (and many other long term Survivors – let us call them “Thrivers” of Life) to simply live for the moment, stay as positive as possible, and enjoy the many gifts Life has to offer.

Recently I decided to stop “pushing” Life so much and allow it to simply happen more… It’s a GREAT relief to know, or be reminded, that I am NOT in charge of the Universe, that NO human is and that we can easily lead simple and peaceful lives after we meet our basic needs and surround ourselves with good people (family first).

In ending this simple article, I hope that you can focus on the most important thing in Life…living and cease worrying so much about Life.  You are ALREADY a success!!! – BK out

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