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“Trust & Be Happy” – Part 1 – “Doctor Gabby” Solos a 1946 Ercoupe

1-10-2017 – Bangkok, Thailand – N.N. News

It’s nice to have a little “breathing room” and be able to not only “create” some new News stories, record some new documentaries and just be “Sabai-Sabai” (Happy/Chill/Relaxed) here in Thailand with my “Base of Operations” in a little humble Bangkok apartment that costs “The Organization” (actually my own humble pocketbook) less than $400/month.  For this is truly my passion and an honor to report the “News” recording people and how they lived during a certain part of our precious human existence.

So while I get an amazing opportunity to simply recover, in a way, and review things… I came across this old video of my second daughter – Gabriella Nicole Kissinger – who is now a Doctor (Wow!) when we had just finished up 6 days of “intense” (actually pretty FUN) ground & flight training to prepare her for a solo in a 1946 Ercoupe.  This is a similar airplane that Jessica Cox, the Intrepid Lady born ARMLESS in Arizona USA, learned to fly in 2012.  I saw Jessica at a later Sun n Fun in Lakeland, Florida and she is simply an amazing Lady who continues to inspire many others with her amazing real Life Story.

Anyway, back to “Doctor Gabby’s” story…

As I ALWAYS told my “Kids” (now a 2nd year Harvard Law Student, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, & a Professional Actress who is also training to become a Casting Manager & Director) that a Human can do anything that another human has done IF they set their positive mind to it, have a good attitude, and simply show up (often the most important part because we have to “show up to be seen” after all)!

–  Now of course that doesn’t mean I will be playing in the NFL anytime soon, yet the power of Positive thinking and a “Can-Do” Attitude can take us SO far as my “Kissinger Kinder” (means Children in German-like Kindergarten or “Garden for Children” – and ironically in English Kinder simply means to be nicer or more kind – isn’t THAT IRONIC – DON’T YOU THINK!?!) have and will continue to prove…

7-2-2010 – Sparta, Illinois – “Doctor Gabby” Solos for the First Time in a 1946 Ercoupe after LESS THAN a week of Flight Instruction from her Silly Ole “CFI Paw” (Yours Truly)

So that’s about it from your “Humble International Journalist” reporting today from Bangkok, Thailand…I simply wish you and yours the best and hope & pray you can also “Keep it Positive” – remember that you have to “Show Up to Be Seen” and that “Our Attitude DEFINITELY determines our Altitude.”

And also be good to yourself, because sometimes NO one else will…

– BK out!

p.s. On a U.S. Historic Side-Note July 2nd 1776, or 234 years before Gabby soloed,  was the day that “Our” country the Good Ole U.S. of A. actually “legally declared” their separation from Britain…while the “official” Declaration of Independence was ratified 2 days later on the “4th of July in 1776” – think I like the way the “Old Politicians” used to do things versus today – Change is the only Constant though…so let’s just be “Sabai-Sabai”  ;>)

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