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Do U hear DA Words Coming out of My Mouth Computer!?!

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What Are You Trying to Say to me Computer!?!

By Rich Clark


The language of computers can be confusing and frustrating, know what I mean!?!  Words used in computing sound like the words we use everyday when we talk to each other…except when they are not.   Let me tell you what I mean.

For example, everyone knows the words throttle and default, right!?!

THROTTLE: A throttle on an airplane or on your car makes it go faster or slower depending on how it’s used.  Yet in computer language or “computer-speak” it means the intentional slowing of your Internet service.  So if your “computer language throttle” means to slow a service down and when the throttle is removed your service returns to its normal speed, right!?!  Got it!?!  Just remember it’s a computer and it doesn’t have to make sense.  It’s like speaking Greek…only different.

 DEFAULT: In day-to-day life if you default it is rarely a good thing, but when it comes to computers, default is always the best choice.  The default settings are the settings that the program designer has determined to be the best options for the program. WHEN in DOUBT go to your default setting my Friend.

Another couple of words that cause confusion in the language of computers are update and upgrade. I’ll start with updates.  A program update is a small patch that needs to be applied to a program that will improve its functionality or security of the program it is updating.  Yes, when you see the Adobe, Java, and Windows updates are available, install them.  I recommend that the casual and novice computer users always select the automatic update option and let the professionals do what they do best.

Upgrades are major reversions of a program or operating system.  Going from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is an upgrade for example.   Also, going from Avast anti-virus 2012 to Avast anti-virus 2013 is an upgrade. The correct time to upgrade your system is when it is not meeting your needs or when the upgrade will increase your system’s security.  Most home computer users do not use their systems to their full potential, but there are constant upgrade offers to tempt them into upgrading.  These upgrades are normally not free of charge.  When your system is not meeting your needs then it is time to consider a program or operating system upgrade.  If you feel the need to upgrade your system, wait several weeks after the release date to find out if there are any problems associated with the upgrade.

Alright, that’s all for now you Computer Freaks and until next time….safe computing my Friends!!!

Richard “Rich” Clark is N. N. News Staff Technology writer and an All-Around Nice Guy. Prior to coming to NN News, Rich owned/operated his own Computer business “Clark Computing”, taught in Europe and was a Special Operator flying MC-130 Combat Talons.  He is also a certified Educational Technologist (ET) and holds several CompTIA certifications for repair and maintenance of computers, networks, and systems security.  Yet Richard’s passion is sailing and he has been published in several one-design magazines.

N.N. News Network’s Co-Creator & Chief Journalist is Brian “B.K.” Kissinger. Brian has been published in a variety of venues from local newspapers to international publications. He also holds 3 Aviation World Records for speed as a Pilot, published 3 books: “Life Short – Fly Now!™,” and the “Fly Now! Photobook” follow-on to the Original Fly Now! 2015 Movie, & “A Time When Time Didn’t Matter,” in addition to regular No Negative News & other articles, yet his true passion is helping others overcome their struggles through his charity: Brain’s Flight (Pax et Amor). His latest manuscript “Fly Now! & Zen” was released on Amazon (late 2018). He has a litany of other literary and other works he is currently editing to be released at a later date.

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