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UN-Conditional Love – What is it?

24 October 2018
Bangkok (BKK), Thailand


UN-conditional Love is just that “Love” that is GIVEN with NO conditions – just GIVE it…

Of course, this type of “Love” is DIFFERENT from an ATTACHMENT to winning A PRIZE that one can take PRIDE (like some Folks try to do with their “Trophy” Spouses).  😆


Of course, we should show Pride in moderation like all things.  Small doses of “Happy Pride” is good, because it shows we are Thankful for our accomplishments, hard work, and earned Rewards (priZe versus priDe) is okay😆😃😆


It’s kinda like when a Happy little Kid WINS (NOT just given) a trophy or a PriZe at the local Festival.

However, some people perhaps can NEITHER receive UN-conditional Love or give it…for they have never learned how…or forgot because of some trauma or their ignorance (IGNORING facts versus being STUPID which is different).   We should be tolerant of them, yet at some point realize that NOT all people are capable of receiving and giving UN-conditional Love so, sometimes, we must separate ourselves from their negativity and love ourselves unconditionally first (ALWAYS for Good Healthy, Basic Survival and Longevity).

However, we all can learn (or remember from when we were first born AND had to depend 100% on UN-conditional Love from our Mom [who carried us for 9 months & nursed [took care, fed, etc] us for many more months so we would not perish) and others for basic survival…
Finally, this “Pure” type of Love is truly SIMPLE, yet many Adults who were either hurt by others or are “confused” by the Negative World we live in, and its ill influences, ALLOWING themselves neither to receive or GIVE the MOST precious gift in our world…
Unconditional Love!!!
– BK out


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