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University of Florida does it again! This time for Parkinson & not just Gatorade!

University of Florida Research

University of Florida Research







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“As the probe moves deeper into the brain, the sound of the cells fills the OR, like static from deep space.”

The University of Florida has done it again!!! And it’s not just Gatorade this time, it’s amazing brain research to help other medical scientists & doctors to distinguish between normal neurons and the abnormal neurons that may cause tremors in Parkinson patients. As one University of Florida doctor works under the microscope they state, “That’s a tremor cell,” he says at one point. “Can you hear it?”

Amazing! “Can you HEAR it?”

Did you hear that? What kind of amazing Sci-Fi medical world have we arrived to where doctors can now “hear” cells and hopefully correct the issues so patients can live better lives!?!

Besides N.N. News, the University of Florida (this humble Journalist’s Alma Mater) has also been profiled by the Smithsonian magazine.  (GO GATORS!!! – despite our sad lost last month to FSU – yet this Med time bested FSU where it REALLY counts – on the Medical playing field!!!  #justsaying – #health)

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